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Bolle Eyewear Information - Bolle Sunglasses

The main focus of the Bolle is performance, function and technological innovation. Bolle eyewear provides protection which is achieved seamlessly with style and comfort of fit. Bolle draws upon over 60 years of experience to continually develop comfortable, durable and functional sunglasses.

Bolle Sunglasses

It is exercise. It is therapy. But most of all it is essential.

And whether it is a championship or simply recreation, every sport requires skill, and an effort that satisfies your standards. Bolle feels the same way about creating Bolle sunglasses. Bolle know if the Bolle sunglasses frame meets with their standards for performance and style, they will meet yours.

Bolle Sunglasses

Bolle - Sport is part of our lives!

Remember when sunglasses were for the sun?

Bolle 527 New Generation Sunglasses
Bolle 527 New Generation Sunglasses

Remember when all you worried about was the sun getting in your eyes when you chased a fly ball? UVA and UVB rays meant nothing to you. And the notion that sunglasses could actually enhance performance was considered a wild advertising claim worth little more than a snicker.

Of course, that was before you discovered the authentic sports eyewear brand, Bolle. With roots that go back over 100 years, our seamless blend of fit, fashion and function has consistently offered protection from the sun, the wind, the rain. And just as important, protection from your opponents.

By focusing on technological innovation and sport specific design, Bolle sunglasses can give you a performance edge.

And often, that's all the protection you really need.

Sun, Mud, Glare, Wind, Sleet, Rain, Opponents, Dust, Pressure ...
They all conspire against you.

But you have an ally. The Bolle Sunglasses collection.

With Bolle's lens technology, frame comfort and sports specific design, Bolle has a sunglasses collection every other sports eyewear company will find difficult to compete with. No wonder so many world class athletes choose Bolle for their own protection.


  • Dual Composition Frames - Nylon and metal fused together in our Metals frames providing increased comfort.
  • Spring Hinges - Adjusts to the perfect fit. They are comfortable and won't dig into your temple.
  • Hydralon Frames - Patented frame material that is virtually unbreakable and can be moulded to fit your head perfectly.
  • Thermo-Grip Temples and Nose Pads - Non-slip, even when you sweat.
  • Absorber Hinge - Like the spring hinge, absorbs shock.
  • Wire Core Temples - Can be adjusted to custom fit your face.
Bolle Sunglasses
Bolle Brecken Floatable sunglasses


100% UV protected Bolle sunglasses are warranted for one year from the date of purchase against defects in materials and/or workmanship. Bolle will replace or repair at their option, free of charge with proof of purchase any Bolle sunglasses found to be defective during the warranty period.

Only authentic Bolle sunglasses will be warranted. The warranty shall not apply to any defect or damage caused by improper or unreasonable use of the sunglasses. Bolle sunglasses lenses are not warranted against scratching.


Please take care of your Bolle sunglasses. On those rare occasions where you are not wearing them, store them in their corresponding case or pouch. All Bolle lenses are made from an industrial-grade polycarbonate material that is 20 times more impact resistant than glass and 1/3 of the weight. All Bolle sunglasses lenses are treated with premium quality hard coating to help limit scratching. However, these Bolle lenses are not scratch proof. By taking a few precautions to preserve the Bolle lenses, they will last for many years.

  • To clean the Bolle lenses, blow loose particles off the lenses, then clean with a Bolle optical lens cloth or soft cotton cloth. A mild liquid soap diluted with warm water can also be used on the cloth;
  • Never use paper products to clean Bolle lenses;
  • Never use any chemical cleaner or cleaning agents containing ammonia;
  • Since salt is highly abrasive, rinse lenses with fresh water before cleaning;
  • Store your Bolle sunglasses in their protective case or pouch when not in use. Do not place lenses face down upon any surface. Never put your Bolle sunglasses loose in a pocket or purse where objects may damage the lenses. Do not leave your Bolle sunglasses where conditions are intensely hot or cold (for example, on the dashboard of your car).