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Mirrored Ski Goggles

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Brand: Smith Optics
21 variations from £190.00 to £230.00
11 spare parts available
Brand: Cebe
6 variations from £109.00 to £124.00
Brand: Oakley
3 variations from £110.00 to £120.00
Brand: Smith Optics
9 variations from £40.00 to £46.00
Brand: Smith Optics
4 variations from £74.00 to £80.00
Brand: Uvex
1 variation at £78.00
Brand: Scott
4 variations from £42.00 to £60.00
Brand: Adidas
8 variations from £80.00 to £115.00
Brand: Cebe
8 variations from £25.00 to £31.00
Brand: Bolle
11 variations from £59.00 to £127.00
Brand: Bolle
13 variations from £26.00 to £44.00
Brand: Smith Optics
10 variations from £139.00 to £160.00
11 spare parts available

Mirrored Ski Goggles

Mirrored ski goggles have a reflective coating applied to the lens surface. Mirrored ski goggle lens coatings can be full or partial (also known as a flash mirror). Flash mirror lenses tend to be semi see through with a reflective coating whereas full mirror coatings fully reflect the surrounding environment without being able to see through. The main reason for choosing a mirrored ski goggle is to look super cool. However if you require optical correction and need prescription ski goggles you may choose either an OTG or a ski goggle with a prescription insert (ranges compatible with prescription inserts include Adidas and Bolle), and a mirrored lens will help to hide the insert or eyewear underneath the goggle.

A mirrored ski goggle lens will reflect light so can reduce light transmission through the lens. This is beneficial in strong light conditions; however in lower light this can lead to lower visibility. Some ski goggles are supplied with two lenses, normally with a low (category 1) and a high light (category 3) tint, allowing you to interchange the lenses to suit the light conditions. Changing lenses is not for everyone as this takes time and can be tricky when you are halfway up the mountain.

Mirrored ski goggles can be of any colour with the popular choices including silver, green, red and blue. The mirrored lens coating can also be applied to a number of base lens tints. Normally if just aesthetic then a grey base lens is usually used although base lens tints can include orange or yellow for lenses with increased contrast. The choice of mirror ski goggle options is growing with designers increasingly looking to produce goggles that are individual. You may want to browse our full range of ski goggles, including polarised, adult or children's ski goggles. Or select from goggles with specific lens categories such as 1, 2, 3 or 4.