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Bolle Goggles

Bolle goggle's performance has been developed on the ski slopes with comfort, safety and optical clarity in mind. Bolle's design and performance features are superior in the industry and Bolle have become, and continue to be, the preferred brand of many U.S Ski and Snowboard team members. Bolle goggles are engineered using up-to-the-minute, innovative technology designed to achieve optimum performance in a range of attractive styles, colours and lens tints.

Bolle goggles performance has been developed on the ski slopes. The design and performance features of Bolle ski goggles are superior in the industry and are the preferred brand by many of the U.S Ski and Snowboard team members.

  • Bolle's Flow-Tech Venting Technology controls and optimises airflow over the inside of the lens to reduce fogging. Venting ports enhances the design of the goggle and control airflow without clogging with snow.

    Bolle designs its ski goggles to control and optimize the flow of air over the inside of the lens to reduce fogging. Venting ports are located to enhance design and control air flow without clogging with snow.

  • P80 Anti-Fog Coating is applied to the inside of Bolle's cylindrical double lenses. Combined with thermal insulation of the double lens and Equalizer technology, P80 provides superior anti-fog capabilities and clear optics.

    Bolle applies P80 to the inside of our cylindrical double lenses. Combined with thermal insulation of the double lens and Equalizer technology, it provides superior anti-fog capabilities and truer optics.

  • P80 Plus Anti-Fog/Carbo Glass Anti-Scratch is applied to Bolle's spherical polycarbonate decentered single lenses and provides maximum protection against lens fogging and scratching.

  • Bolle double lenses create a thermal barrier, but have a superior seal and better optics with Equalizer technology.

  • Bolle Quick Release Strap makes getting your Bolle ski goggles on/off your head or helmet easier.

    Bolle goggles are designed to be compatible with most helmet designs currently on the market.

  • Forestay System
  • Most Bolle Goggles offer a swinging outrigger to maintain a perfect fit when worn with helmets.

  • Prescription wearers can customize their Bolle ski goggles with optical Rx adapters that fit inside the goggle.
    Click to view Bolle Ski Goggles compatible with an Rx adapter.

  • The Bolle X9, Y6 and Boost ski goggles are designed to fit over most prescription glasses.
    Click for Bolle OTG Ski Goggles.

  • All of Bolle's ski goggle lenses protect the wearer 100% against harmful ultraviolet rays (UVA/UVB).

  • Triple Layer Face Foam
  • Ultra soft micro-fleece backed with two layers of multi-density foam for a firm soft fit.

  • Polycarbonate Lenses
  • Double polycarbonate lenses ensure superior optical quality.

  • Modulator Lenses
  • Bolle modulator lenses are photochromic and therefore darken and lighten according to the light conditions. See Bolle modulator goggles.

  • Double Lens Thermal Barrier
  • The Bolle unique double lens design creates a thermal barrier, while providing exceptional optics and a superior seal.

  • Bolle Junior Goggles
  • A collection of Bolle junior goggles for those smaller faces. Click to view the Bolle junior goggles range.

Bolle Goggles

Bolle Goggles Equalizer


Bolle Equalizer technology uses a breathable, gore all-weather vent equalizes air pressure between the lenses without introducing moisture. The result is distortion-free vision at any altitude with no fogging.

Bolle goggle spherical lens


Featured in the new Bolle Contour goggle, the spherical lens offers enhanced vision and superior optics over traditional FLA lenses. Unique sculpted look. Reduced fogging with lens further from the face.

Bolle goggles polarisation


A state-of-the-art, high contrast, light reflective lens that changes lens tint density with the changing light conditions. The more UV light exposed to the lens, the darker the lens will become.


Bolle features Brown, Vermillon and Aurora polarized lenses with a polarized film that blocks the horizontal reflected component of light. The result is enhanced contrast so you will see more terrain features and icy patches.

Bolle goggles over glasses

From the Bolle over the glasses (OTG) ski goggle range Bolle offers the larger fit X9 and Quasar ski goggle and the medium fit Y6 ski goggle in adult OTG (Over The Glasses) sizes. They have also designed the Bolle Boost ski goggle for children (age range approximately 6 years and upward). OTG goggles are designed to be slightly deeper than standard ski goggles in order that they can comfortably accommodate prescription glasses. The Bolle OTG ski goggles also feature a slight indent in the face foam, which ensures that no undue pressure is applied to the temple area of the glasses, thus ensuring optimal comfort for all day wear on the slopes. The Bolle OTG ski goggles also feature excellent ventilation, which helps to ensure optimal air flow, and it is this that helps to minimise misting.

It has also been reported that people who wear glasses that have nylon (or other types of plastic) rather than metal frames with polycarbonate lenses as opposed to glass lenses experience better fog resistance on the slopes.

Another tip is to put your goggles on just prior to leaving the lodge, this will keep the lenses from getting cold. Putting cold lenses in a warm goggle can cause fogging. It's best to keep everything at the same temperature.

Ventilation is critical to fog free vision. Make sure to check your goggle vents periodically to make sure snow is not building up and blocking ventilation. Goggles vent by drawing air in the top vent and out the bottom vent. Anything blocking the top or bottom vents can prevent this air flow.

Bolle offers optical inserts in several models in the Goggle Collection. Your prescription can be put into the insert and then it is easily fit in behind the goggle lens. Click to view Bolle Ski Goggles compatible with an Rx adapter.

Bolle goggles over contact lenses

Here are some tips to help contact lens wearers get the most benefit from your goggles when wearing contact lenses.

Wear your goggles as much as possible. The heat and perspiration generated by your body creates a nice humid environment that will keep your lenses moist. Removing your goggles exposes them to cold, dry air.

Eye Drops. If you still have problems with your lenses drying, try putting drops in at the top of the run, this will usually keep enough moisture in your lens to make it to the bottom.

Blink. Sounds simple but most people stare for long periods of time when they ski, their concentration being so intense. If you blink occasionally, you can help your eyes keep your lenses moist.