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Bolle Prescription Sunglasses

Bolle TRU Rx Prescription Programme

Choose Bolle Sunglasses tailored to your prescription, because it is essential that your eyes are protected with high quality sunglasses. The Bolle prescription programme provides you with all the quality and protection benefits that you require. Bolle guarantee that you will receive high performance prescription sunglasses.

Prescription range

Most Bolle prescription sunglasses can be configured within the following prescription ranges:

+4.00 to -4.00 sphere (Sph); opposite cylinder (Cyl) measurements up to 4.00

However due to the shape or curve some Bolle prescription sunglasses can only accommodate prescription ranges of:

+3.00 to -3.00 sphere (Sph); opposite cylinder (Cyl) measurements up to 3.00

A large choice of nylon frames

Bolle offer a large selection of sunglasses from their range of over 50 models with a sports and fashion look. The Bolle prescription sunglasses program provides a solution for people who want wraparound prescription sunglasses (base 8).

Bolle Prescription lenses adapted to your needs

A large range of Bolle lenses are available for your prescription, so you are able to select single vision lenses that satisfy your requirements and provide complete comfort.

  • Bolle prescription lenses in base 6 and 8, providing protection and coverage which are perfect for sports use
  • Polycarbonate, lightweight and impact resistant lenses provide total UV protection
  • Exclusive lenses with the Bolle logo to guarantee their authenticity
  • Lens colour for every use: sports and leisure
  • Lenses available include those with or without flash, polarised, photochromic or polarised flash
  • Non-reflective internal surface option available