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Smith Optics Helmet Comfort - Climate Control

Pushing the envelope in helmet design with progressive technology and an unquenchable thirst for innovation, Smith are breaking the mold on helmet construction, fit ergonomics, mass reduction, comfort and 21st century electronic integration. Smith's mission us to make the great days better.

Temperature control is the most important feature when considering how to enjoy the entire day on the hill. Smith's Dual Regulator ventilation system independently controls the front and rear sections of the Vantage venting, allowing you to modulate your body temperature even in extreme cold conditions. By exhausting heating through the rear vents while maintaining a sealed front end, your body can effectively cool down if needed and avoid the dreaded "ice cream headache".
Adjustable, easy to use and extremely effective climate control, Smith's low profile Regulator ventilation system allows you to modify the amount of airflow and heat exhaust even with a gloved hand.
Airflow ventilation utilises strategically placed vents for easy climate control in all conditions. Vent placement maximises airflow and heat exhaustion in warm temperatures while minimising undesired cold air drafts. Fabric flaps in the lining design on certain models allows you to open and close the airflow vents for adjustable comfort.