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UVEX Ski Goggles Technology

UVEX Ski Goggles uvex - made in germany Market leading technology and innovation MADE IN GERMANY. All of our uvex ski goggles are made in our factory in Bavaria.
UVEX Ski Goggles UVEX Ski Goggles All uvex ski goggle lenses are made of Makrolon, the high-tech material from Bayer. Outstanding qualities:
Extremely impact resistant, unbreakable, shatterproof and scratch resistant. Absolutely optically correct in accordance with the first quality class. Guaranteed 100% protection against UVA, UVB and UVC rays.
UVEX Ski Goggles UVEX Ski Goggles Unique uvex supravision nano technology makes it possible to coat the outside of the lens so it is extremely scratchproof and the inside so it is always fog-free. It also guarantees 100% UV protection. Thanks to nano technology, the lenses are easy to clean and less prone to get dirty.
UVEX Ski Goggles 400nm - UV protection and blue light filter uvex - ultraviolet excluded

Uncompromising eye protection! A scratchproof filter integrated into the lens material protects the human eye 100% from harmful UV rays and blue light. UV protection is also integrated into the frame of the glasses.
UVEX Ski Goggles Decentered lens technology Guaranteed distortion-free vision even with extremely curved lenses. All lenses comply with the first quality class and due to the integrated UV filter they guarantee 100% protection against UVA, UVB and UVC rays.
UVEX Ski Goggles UVEX Ski Goggles Mirror technology featuring fashion and function. The lens coating, up to 18 layers thick, does not just look trendy, it also offers complete protection against infrared light. Harmful IR rays are effectively reflected and kept away from the eye.
UVEX Ski Goggles UVEX Ski Goggles Makes a visible difference, absorbs and filters diffuse light, eliminates annoying reflections. Harsh reflections are transformed into pleasant, perfectly dosed light. Instead of being overstrained, the eye is effectively protected. The result: Glare-free vision with natural colours, natural contrast and 100% protection against UVA, UVB and UVC rays.
UVEX Ski Goggles UVEX Ski Goggles The light-sensitive photochrome structure integrated into the lens material adapts its shade automatically to the light conditions and guarantees optimal vision and contrast recognition at all times.
UVEX Ski Goggles UVEX Ski Goggles The waterproof and windproof, breathable uvex Regulator membrane prevents moisture and snow form accessing the body of the goggle.
UVEX Ski Goggles Helmet-Compatible Special frame construction or externally located headband hooks make the uvex ski goggle helmet-compatible for reliable pretection.
UVEX Ski Goggles uvex speed clip Some models feature a uvex speed clip headband quick lock.
UVEX Ski Goggles multi lens construction Changing the goggle lenses makes it possible to adjust to light and visibility conditions. Clear vision, perfect contrast and optimal protection in any weather.
UVEX Ski Goggles Velour Face Foam Velour face foam, multi-laminated, ensures soft wearing comfort.
UVEX Ski Goggles UVEX environmental protection Uvex engineers are constantly contributing to the protection of the environment. They are continually researching and developing production processes that are gentler on the environment and its resources. For example, during the expansion of our plant in Lederdorn, we invested in a new generation of paint finishing systems which allow us to get rid of solvent-containing paints completely, enabling us to work exclusively with water-based finishes and paints. Our commitment to protecting the environment can also be seen in the selection of our partners, suppliers and service providers. Which means it goes without saying that all of our packaging, business papers and printed matter are printed on chlorine-free bleached paper, using solvent-free printing ink.