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Spy Ski Goggle Lens Technology

Spy lenses


Live through SPY+ lenses ... literally. SPY+ cram every bit of technology and radness into their lens that they can to keep your vision as clean as your style.


SPY+ has collaborated with world-renowned Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision, the best in class when it comes to optical expertise. This SPY+ lens program provides superior optical performance, clarity nd toughness for lens tints and mirrors in all light conditions. SPY+ Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision are exclusively available on SPY+ spherical lenses.


All SPY+ lenses contain a super secret anti-fog formula to keep your lenses as clear as possible throughout the day. Like a good ninja, the anti-fog stays invisible, but fights for you at all times ...

Spy unmirrored lenses UNMIRRORED
Simple and straight forward. Unmirrored lenses are perfect for those who want protection and tint without the extra frills.
Spy mirrored lenses MIRROR
Mirrors cut glare and add that extra flare that puts you ahead of the pack.
Spy Spectra Mirror lenses SPECTRA MIRROR
Fresh dipped like a million bucks, spectra mirror lenses contain multiple layers of mirror for a look that's as unique as it is effective. Remember, if your lens is yellow or blue with spectra mirror, the ladies can still see your eyes ...
Spy Contact lenses CONTACT
Low light tints with a unique blue mirror that increases definition, cuts glare and reduces internal reflection.
Spy Arc Spherical lenses ARC SPHERICAL
Sphecrial lenses have a consistent vertical and horizontal curve in the lens maximising multiple fields of view. All SPY+ lenses are decentered (thicker in the middle and tapering towards the edges) eliminating distortion and allowing true clarity.
Spy Cylindrical lenses CYLINDRICAL
Low-profile lenses with that classic look. More flexible than spherical lenses, they conform perfectly to any face. Cylindrical lenses provide unmatched protection and style without breaking the bank.