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Silhouette Sunglasses


Silhouette sunglasses design is as sophisticated as their function.

To be able to see in strong sunlight in a relaxed manner and comfortably, clearly and sharply, without any restrictions or clouding, protecting the eyes from the hazards of the sun - that's what Silhouette sunglasses allow, as well as being very strong and impact resistant, even in the case of accidents.

Silhouette sunglasses

Sunglasses must permit clear, sharp vision and protect the eye from those rays that might damage it. 100% of UVA, UVB and UVC radiation and 93% of blue light should be filtered out.

UVB radiation can lead to irritation of the cornea and conjunctiva. UVC light is mainly filtered out by the ozone layer before it reaches the earth's surface.

Protection with Wrap Around Design

The Wrap Around Design - an above-average curvature to the lenses - offers not only additional protection and safety but also a particularly wide field of view, which is especially advantageous with outdoor activities. The Wrap Around Design fits the shape of the face, thereby offering special protection and optimum comfort in wear.

Silhouette sun glasses

The most intelligent sun protection for the eyes: The 12 Layer Technology called IQ-POL

When sunlight strikes a smooth surface such as asphalt or water, one has the impression of being dazzled by thousands of little suns. Polarised sun protection lenses provide the most intelligent sun protection for the eyes.

Sun protection lenses with IQ-POL technology are constructed in 12 layers and used for many models. Each layer has its own function. The combination of all these creates the special effect.

It not only eliminates harmful rays and reflections but also and above all allows the clearest and most comfortable vision, supports contrasts and intensifies colour perception.

All of Silhouette's sunglasses provide:

  • 100% UV protection up to 400nm;
  • Five layers of anti-reflective coating (AR coating) on the inside of the lenses to eliminate glare and reflections (ghost images);
  • A water-repellant coating (clean coat) to help prevent dirt and finger smudges on the lenses and make it much easier to keep them clean;
  • The best class quality materials: only top grade polycarbonate is used.

Sunglasses Silhouette