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Scott Goggles

Scott goggles are manufactured with performance and optical clarity in mind and Scott's objective is to ensure their goggles surpass all expectations no matter when or how you ski. The Scott goggles range incorporates various designs and great technical features, guaranteeing something for every skier.

Scott Goggles - Goggle Lens Types:

Scott Ski Goggles - Spherical Injection Molded Lens

[SIM] Spherical Injection Molded Lens

Scott introduced the SIM Technology for 2005-2006, featuring a 5 Base Scott Spherical Injection Molded Polyarbonate Dual Lens. SIM lenses are computer engineered to complement the natural curvature of the face and eyes, providing an incredibly comfortable fit. In addition, SIM allows light to pass undistorted through the lens to the eye, delivering a completely unaltered, natural view. This, coupled with the use of an injection molded polycarbonate lens, delivers unmatched optical clarity and scratch resistance.

SIM lenses are offered in a variety of options: Amplifier, Silver Chrome, Bronze Chrome, Red Chrome, Blue Chrome and Yellow Chrome.

Scott Goggles Cylindrical Lenses

[CIM] Cylindrical Injection Molded Lens

After introducing the SIM Spherical Injection Molded lens last year, Scott presents this year the CIM Cylindrical Injection Molded lens. Like the Scott SIM lens, the Scott CIM lens is a computer engineered, base 5, injection molded lens made out of the highest quality polycarbonate. The lens with its base 5 matches perfectly the curvature of most human faces, like this we guarantee a perfect fit on Scott goggles.

The new injected polycarbonate lenses are absolutely distortion free and optically correct. The lens treatments are very durable and scratch resistant.

Scott Goggle Lens Tints:

Scott Goggles Chrome amplifier lens Scott Goggles Amplifier lens Scott Goggles Light amplifier lens
Scott Chrome amplifier lens Scott Amplifier lens Scott Light amplifier lens

The base tint of Scott Chrome Lenses is the Light Amplifier and it utilizes the same patented light transmission process as the exclusive Scott Amplifier Lens, offering incredible depth perception and three dimensional contrast.

This lens is available in the following 5 different chrome colours:
bronze chrome, red chrome, silver chrome, blue chrome - CATEGORY 2
yellow chrome - CATEGORY 1

The patented Scott Amplifier Lens increases clarity, contrast, and definition through a sophisticated light transmission process that matches the optimum absorption wavelengths of the eye.


The Scott Light Amplifier Lens has been optically engineered with the same patented light transmission process as the Amplifier Lens, in a lighter tint for true three-dimensional contrast on those ultra-low light storm days.


Scott Sky lenses Scott Yellow lenses Scott goggles
Scott Sky lens Scott Yellow lens  

The Scott Sky Lens features a bright blue tint color which is ideal for ultra-low light and snowy days.


The Scott Yellow Lens features a bright yellow tint and performs exceptionally well for ultra-low light days and night riding.



Scott Goggle Venting:

Scott Goggles RAM Scott Goggles ACS Scott Goggles Perimeter ventilation
RAM ACS Perimeter ventilation

Scott RAM [Revolutionary Air Management] directs airflow within the goggle utilizing a clean and controlled, top-to-bottom pattern, elimination "swirling air" and fogging.

Scott ACS [Air Control System] ventilation incorporates Lens Air Intake vents on the lens of the goggle, and Frame Air outtake vents on the bottom of the goggle, resulting in a sophisticated ventilation system that helps prevent condensation and fogging.

Perimeter ventilation consists of peripheral ventilation chambers that control airflow within the goggle frame to help prevent condensation and fogging.

Scott Goggles No Fog Scott Goggles foam membrane Scott Goggles
No Fog
Anti-Fog lens treatment
Engineered spacer foam membrane  

A permanent, proprietary, lens treatment that prevents condensation and fogging.

Engineered spacer foam membranes separate dual lenses. This engineered membrane is designed to remain sealed under stress and protect dual lenses from opening or leaking moisture.


Scott Goggle Venting:

Scott Ski Goggles Venting

100% UVA/UVB/UVC radiation protection

Scott lenses are optically engineered to screen out 100% of harmful UVA/UVB/UVC rays up to 400nm.

Scott Goggles UV Protection

Hypoallergenic super soft face foam

Scott hypoallergenic super-soft face foam has been computer engineered to form a precise fit around facial features while sealing out the elements.

Scott Goggles Hypoallergenic face foam

Coloured 3 layer thermo face foam

Scott 3-layer face foam provides the same precise fit as our hypoallergenic super soft face foam but incorporates an additional density of foam, plus a third colored comfort-layer. The result is the softest, most comfortable face foam available.

Scott Goggles thermo face foam

Helmet compatible

Scott goggles are developed and designed to engage flawlessly with most helmets on the market.

Scott Goggles compatibility

Overmolded Strap Attachments and Sliders

All Scott newest generation goggles feature overmolded strap attachments and sliders. This is a process that delivers a cleaner, less bulky and lighter weight strap, by eliminating any sewing through molded strap ends and sliders. This evolution makes Scott goggles even more sophisticated and elevates tham to a high end product from the bottom 'til the top of the line.

Scott Goggle Strap Attachments

ContourFlex frame compound

ContourFlex Frames are designed utilizing a uniquely formulated urethane that remains pliable in extreme cold.

Scott Goggles ContourFlex frame

[OTG] Over the Glasses / Eyewear compatible

All OTG goggles are engineered to provide a precision fit over prescription eyewear.

Scott Goggles Over the Glasses

PNS - New Clip Buckle System

Scott's new Clip buckle system PNS allows an easy way to engage and disengage the goggle, even with gloves or mitts on.

Scott Goggles Clip Buckle System

Adjustable high quality woven strap

High quality 3-D Woven straps designed to hold thier stretch and shape and do not deteriorate from weather or sunlight.

Scott Ski Goggles Adjustable strap