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Roberto Cavalli Sunglasses

Sensuous curves and intriguing seduction, bringing true glamour to the Roberto Cavalli sunglasses collection.

From his beginnings in Florence in the 1940's, Roberto Cavalli was raised in artistic surroundings, and his family nurtured this creative spirit. Following the strong artistic tradition into which he had been born, Roberto attended the Academy of Art where the seeds of his creativity, combined with his fascination with the links between art, fashion and painting lead him to continual experimentation in his printing house, which is reputed to have been something half way between a craftsman's workshop and an artist's studio.

Capricious, eclectic and original from the beginning, Roberto Cavalli's many years of creative experimentation had evolved by the 1970's, into the revolutionary process of printing on lightweight leather. When sewn together, these 'patchwork' pieces became a must for the beat generation, and led to the iconic image of a young Brigitte Bardot walking barefoot in one of his creations - from there it was just a short step to the catwalks where in 1972 he showed his first collection in the historic White Room of Palazzo Pitti, in his home town of Florence.

At the beginning of the Nineties, the designer re-launched his challenge to the fashion system, assisted by his beautiful wife, Eva Duringer - an ex Miss Universe - who works alongside him. Roberto Cavalli's enormous success, both publicly and with the press, convinced him to take his catwalk extravaganza to Milano Collezioni. In this way he has become part of the Italian fashion elite without ever forsaking his own inimitable eccentricity.

Roberto Cavalli Sunglasses - Telefo RC374S

It was only a matter of time before Cavalli's talent and sheer indomitable spirit of creativity led him to diversify, and so a truly stunning, unique and captivatingly feminine range of sunglasses was born ...

The Roberto Cavalli sunglasses collection is the epitome of style; as with his world-renowned fashion collections, Roberto Cavalli has ensured that the sunglasses range exudes the same sexy, fun and yet classically graceful qualities.

Roberto Cavalli captures the essence of femininity in the graceful curves of his sunglasses; some are created in acetate and others in metal, all however exhibit Cavalli's scrupulous attention to detail. Many of the sunglasses feature the Roberto Cavalli logo, sometimes in exquisite diamante, and at other times his instantly recognisable signature logo can be seen in the form of a monogram, which is equally striking.

Roberto Cavalli Sunglasses - Taigete RC369S

The snake, which is the motif of the Roberto Cavalli sunglasses collection, can be seen on numerous pieces, winding its way sinuously from the front of the frame to form part of the arms, and enhances the sensuous nature of these stunning creations, which are adored by many throughout the world. Whether dressed up or down, if you wear a Roberto Cavalli creation this season, you will be sure to turn heads!