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Ray-Ban Lenses


Ray-Ban G-15 lenses

Ray-Ban G-15 Neutral Green lens

Ray-Ban G-15 lens is a Neutral Green Lens Tint that provides comfort, reduces eyestrain and enhances optical clarity by transmitting colours equally. The G15 Neutral Green Lens ensures colours retain their true value and provides a natural view.

Ray-Ban B-15 lenses

Ray-Ban B-15 High Contrast Brown lens

Ray-Ban B-15 High Contrast Brown Lens provide exceptional optical clarity, comfort and protection. These lenses enhance contrast and block out a large percentage of blue light. The B-15 High Contrast Brown Lens is perfect for driving and sports as well as everyday use.


See how others don't. Self-reflection: good. Surface reflection: not so good. Eliminate distracting polarised, aka reflected, light from reaching your eyes. That means a drastic reduction in the brightness of shiny surfaces, like chrome, and large bodies of water. So whether you're staring at a freshly waxed muscle car on the road or a highly oiled body builder at the beach, glare will be a thing of the past.

Image Quality

Ray-Ban polarised lenses are made with a high quality crystal or plastic. The result is a top-notch lens that makes them clearer and brighter than anything else out there.


Ray-Ban polarised lenses block almost 100% of polarised light waves so you can be sure that whether you're searching the skies for UFO's or the oceans for sea monsters, your view will be legendary.


Ray-Ban polarised lenses have:

  • A higher radiation blocking protection percentage.
    100% of any radiation up to 400nm that far surpasses the legal requirements of both the US and EU.
  • A lower transmission: only 15% of visible light reaches the eye.
  • Up to 100% protection from reflective glare.
  • High protection against potentially dangerous blue light.

Duration and Resistance

We know you'll experience your share of bumps and bruises. Thankfully, both our crystal and plastic polarised lenses have superior scratch-resistance and high rigidity. In 1962, ten years before the FDA (Food and Drug Administration, which regulates sunglasses as medical devices) imposed safety regulations, Ray-Ban began testing their lenses for durability and set the industry benchmark for impact resistance. Each lens is extremely strong and resistant, withstanding the Drop Ball Test - a 5/8 inch steel ball is dropped onto the lens from a height of 50 inches - which makes the optical glass impact resistant even at the lowest thickness. Plastic lenses have a natural impact resistance that is similar in strength to crystal and even more.

Polarised Lens Types

All Ray-Ban polarised lenses have a distinctive "P" directly laser-etched onto the lens to distinguish them from their non-polarized brethren and come equipped with an anti-reflective coating for the ultimate in protection.

P3 and P3Plus lenses are the highest quality level of polarised lenses, equipped with anti-reflective and hydro-oleophobic coatings. And the P3Plus lenses add a high-colour enhancement (available only on new Tech Collection, Craft Collection and Ultra Limited Edition).


Now you see it. Now you still do. Ray-Ban Light Adaptive lenses are built to do just that - adapt to different light conditions and adjust accordingly. Chameleon-like technology allows these lenses to turn dark when in direct sunlight and then turn clear when indoors or in low lighting, leaving you comfortable and relaxed no matter where your day takes you. Unless of course that happens to be to an R-rated movie with grandma. Then you're on your own.


Everything is better in pairs. Scoops of ice cream. Twins. And Ray-Ban's special "double process" used to produce Light Adaptive lenses. This revolutionary technology limits red-orange light, enhancing brightness and clarity of vision in all lighting conditions.

UV Protection

Like little eye-hating ninjas, UV rays can attack even when you least suspect it, whether it be bright and sunny or overcast and dreary. Thankfully, Ray-Ban's Light Adaptive lenses provide the maximum amount of protection in all conditions, so you'll be safe no matter what.


Strained eyes and headaches from bright glares and sunlight? Take two Ray-Ban Light Adaptive lenses and call us in the morning. Because they adjust to different lighting, they're the prefect prescription for all conditions.


Ray-Ban Light Adaptive lenses let just the right amount of blue light through for accurate perception of colour. The result is improved sharpness and contrast that will make your fancy new TV jealous.