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Adidas Originals Sunglasses

New Adidas Originals collection with cult potential

Adidas Originals has been setting genuine trends on the global market with its collections of sunglasses for more than 2 years. A hit with the rock and hip hop stars from the onset, the Adidas Originals styles are also creating a stir within the trend and style arenas. The SUN 2012 Collection by Adidas Originals sunglasses consisits of eleven styles and has at least one suitable pair of sunglasses on offer for each and every follower of fashion.

Adidas OriginalsAdidas OriginalsAdidas Originals

High-Tech for Ultimate Comfort

Striking and eye-catching at all costs - the retro inspired shades for this summer. New colours, structures and patterns take centre stage and set the trend. It is standard practice to use high-tech materials and shatter-proof, antiglare lenses, which also guarantee 100% UVA, B and C protection, for the Adidas Originals sunglasses collections. Lightness, as well as ultimate wearing comfort, is fundamental.

The new collection by adidas Originals sunglasses is made up of metal and plastic frames. Weight is particularly reduced to an absolute minimum in the styles that are made of the high-tech plastic, SPX, combined with polycarbonate filters. Maximum quality is of a premium with the shades, made in Austria - and, to a large extent, by hand.

The origin of the Adidas trefoil logo

During the '80s the Adidas trefoil became synonymous the underground movement celebrating street style, sportswear and logos that broke through to a wider fashion audience. Originally created by Adi Dassler, founder of the Adidas brand in the late 1960s it quickly became and still enjoys its reputation today as a symbol of authenticity and street credibility.

Adidas Originals - Nik Baker wearing Adidas Originals Suria ah13 Adidas Originals - Guy Cribb wearing Adidas Originals Mae ah10
Nik Baker wearing Adidas Suria ah13 Guy Cribb wearing Adidas Mae ah10

Show the Adidas trifoil logo

Rediscovered by a new generation of trendsetters today, the Adidas style icon unites young urbans with coastal and city dwellers across the globe. The enormous impact of the Adidas logo is especially evident on the Flyboy and Mae sunglasses. The trefoil is emblazoned across the most prominent part of the sunglasses, the nose bridge, like a little crown. The cult status of the Adidas Originals sunglasses is worn proudly by street smart youth and self-assured stars like Nas or Justin Timberlake alike.

New Adidas Originals Sunglasses for 2010

New Adidas Originals sunglass designs released for this season include the Abasto ah24, Condes ah23, Curtiba ah22, Delhi ah20 and Ipanema ah21.

Adidas Originals Sunglasses Style and Technology

As well as the trendy design, ultimate wearing comfort is also a key quality of Adidas Originals sunglasses. For this reason the temple ends and middle sections are made of the ultra-light, high-tech material, SPX, and a special lacquer is applied to the metal temples and frames to make them resistant to sweat and corrosion, which guarantees an exceptionally high degree of wearing comfort. The lenses guarantee 100 percent protection against UV-A, -B and -C rays.

Adidas Originals

Hot and New: Adidas Originals Suria

Suria: named after the top attraction inside the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, the Suria shopping centre, the design of this model is just as unique as the trendy shopping mail itself. The melodic Malaysian name Suria translates as: 'Light that comes from the sun'.

Designers drew inspiration for the grip texture of the broad temple from the soles of the 80's cult Adilette slip-ons. A unique fixation system has been used to anchor the rimless shield to the frame.

These ultra-light Suria shades, featuring all the flair of the Eighties, are available in the fashion colours Phantom Black, Evergreen, Shitake Brown and Plum Purple. View the Adidas Originals Suria.

Adidas Originals

Retro Heroes In Futuristic Colours

Flyboy and Mae: the aviator shades, Flyboy and Mae - absolute royalty in the realm of retro sunglasses - have not just achieved their long-standing cult status from the crowning glory of the adidas three leaf logo. These urban darlings hit the streets in two new colours. The Flyboy is available in Gunmetal Grey and Tortoise Green, the Mae in Gothic Lilac and Tortoise Violet. The colours themselves are truly special because each individual pair of glasses is still perfected by hand and so assumes a totally unique character of its own. View the Adidas Originals Flyboy, and the Adidas Originals Mae.