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Silhouette Sunny Outlooks and Information

Silhouette Sunny Outlooks and Information

Rays from the sun - its darker side
Powerful UV light and blue light can be very harmful to the eyes. There is also troublesome and irritating glare caused by sunlight reflecting up from certain surfaces such as water or (wet) roads. These reflections result in even more harmful UV and blue light reaching the eyes.

Effects of rays
Powerful rays of light can cause damage to the eyes. It is mainly UV B rays from UV light that can lead to corneal and conjunctiva irritation. UV C rays are even more dangerous and aggressive, but are mainly filtered out by the ozone layer before they can reach the earth.

Visible blue light can result in long-term harm to the eyes such as corneal, cataract, and retinal disease, and even macular degeneration, which causes irreparable damage to the retina.

Silhouette Intelligent sun protection
Sunglasses with UV and blue light filters - such as those from Silhouette - protect the eyes from powerful sun rays. The effects from glare can be eliminated through polarized sun protection lenses such as those using IQ POL technology. Wrap-around sunglasses give protection against the sun rays coming from the sides.

Colours for sun protection lenses
The ideal colours for sun protection lenses are green, brown, and grey, all of which Silhouette supplies, because these lenses provide true colour perception without any distortion. Brown lenses in particular provide good contrast as well as the best blue light filtering.

Silhouette Polarized sun protection lenses - IQ POL
Polarised sun protection lenses - the most intelligent sun protection for the eyes - are composed of many synthetic layers. Special light filters are incorporated between these layers, which filter out the glare from sun rays. Silhouette sunglasses collections use the IQ POL "12 layer technology", the most advanced polarisation technology in the world.

Polarised sun protection lenses increase the intensity of colours and contrasts. Light reflections are filtered, which means eyes are not forced to constantly adjust in varying light conditions and therefore tire less quickly. Sun protection lenses with IQ POL technology give 100% UV protection and filter out, depending on lens colour, at least 85% of harmful blue light (brown is the most effective colour by providing 97% filter efficiency).

Wearing comfort
Sunglasses from Silhouette provides the perfect answer to the discomfort of pressure points from wearing glasses. Thanks to their rimless design they give an unobstructed field of vision, which is an important and vital advantage, for example, when driving.