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Silhouette Sunglasses - Relaxation for the eyes

Silhouette Relaxation

A relaxed glimpse towards the sun is made possible with the sunglasses 2008 Collection by Silhouette. For the best and most intelligent protection against the dangerous rays of sunshine also represents relaxation for the eyes.

100% UV protection - which has meanwhile become a matter of course - is a characteristic of good sunglasses. Very good sunglasses also protect against the widely underestimated blue light, offer perfect wearer comfort, blend harmoniously into the face of their wearer - and reduce the irritating glare of reflected light.

All of these demands are met by the new 2008 Silhouette sunglasses collection, because the eyewear manufacturer opts for the sunglass technology of the future - polarised sun protection lenses IQ POL.

IQ POL - no glare, stronger contrasts and more colour
The IQ POL sunglasses - based upon the currently most advanced 12-layer polarising technology in the world - eliminate disruptive glare and guarantee a more relaxed vision, with which the eye becomes less tired.

Furthermore, contrasts are strengthened and colours are perceived more intensely when seen through the IQ POL sunglasses by Silhouette. In addition, the IQ POL sun protection lenses protect against the visible hitherto underestimated blue light.

Silhouette Relaxation