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ESA Visionary Award Winner 2010 - Silhouette

Silhouette ESA Award 2010

On 06 March 2010, in Linz/Milan, Silhouette were announced as the 'European Sunglasses Association (ESA) Visionary Award Winner 2010', marking them the best sunglass brand in Europe.

Silhouette sunglasses continued their long line of success by winning the ESA visioning award 2010, for their rimless sunglasses. Having received over half of the votes, Silhouette have been recognised, as the best in Europe, for their commitment to top quality eye protection and unique design, and can use the title 'ESA Visionary Award Winner' until March 2011.

Silhouette ESA Award 2010

The President of the ESA, Francesco Pellegrini, awarded this prestigious title to Silhouette on 06 March 2010. Pellegrini stated that Silhouette were chosen as the winner not only due to the product with its outstanding design, protection and comfort, but also the company as a whole, its high level of quality throughout all areas, its professional communication and distribution work and much more. All of this is right in line with the ESA's mission to 'Protect Your Eyes with Quality Sunglasses'.

Arnold Schmied, Silhouette board member and co-owner, accepted the award on behalf of Silhouette and said this was a clear indication of the company's strategy;
Clear positioning with unique, top quality products and unmistakable design and comfort helps not only to win awards, but also to achieve long-term market establishment. We are excited that protecting your eyes with quality sunglasses has become synonymous with Silhouette's rimless sunglasses.

Silhouette ESA Award 2010
Model wearing the Silhouette Sunglasses Model 8105

Silhouette Rimless Sunglasses are chic, comfortable to wear and offer optimum eye protection. According to Angela Pagnelli, Silhouette Rimless Aesthetics Style Consultation from Italy, 'optical sun protection, wearing comfort and appearance are the decisive criteria when selecting the perfect model', and Silhouette fulfil these criteria perfectly. They provide a comfortable fit and unlimited vision.

Sunglasses are a must as the sun's ultraviolet rays can cause permanent damage. Sunglasses should provide 100% U.V protection up to 400-nanometre wave length. Wraparound rimless eyewear, also available through Silhouette, offer side protection against scattered light. The lens tint protects the eyes against glare, and Polarised lenses are recommended for driving or when near or on work. Polarisation eliminates unpleasant and dangerous reflections and Silhouette's IQ-POL technology protects against strong glare and light. Silhouette Rimless sunglasses are manufactured with brown, grey or green lenses to allow for optimum colour and contour acuity.

Silhouette Rimless Sunglasses offer style and sophistication without distorting or impairing vision.