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Be Younique with Police Blue Lenses!!

Police Sunglasses Blue Mirror Lenses

In the late 80's to the early 90's, the 'must have' colour for sunglass lenses was blue, innovated by the Police heritage collection that made people stop and look twice. For about ten years, blue mirror lenses were incredibly popular in aviator style frames throughout the world and blue was a 'symbol of freedom', creating a new 'revolutionary look'.

For the 2011 Seasons Sunglasses Collection, Police have decided to reinvent the powerful 80's Blue Mirrored Lens look, offering its unforgettable heritage to a new generation of Police Sunglass wearers. The Police sunglasses collection, made unique by the blue mirror, is specifically designed for those who favour the rebellious metropolitan, vintage style. The blue mirrored lenses are available in an exclusive selection of acetate and metal Police frames.

Police Sunglasses S8299 The unmistakable blue of Police lenses can be found in the S8299, an aviator frame with a double profile that oozes 80's feel and was one of the best sellers. The colour combinations created by the metal frame and acetate inset, set off against the blue-mirrored lenses makes these a must have accessory among the trendy.
The Police S8516 combines gunmetal with a double bridge bar and blue-mirrored lenses. A classic shape that will suit all that dare to be different, with a bit of pluck and personality thrown in. Police Sunglasses S8516
Police Sunglasses S8530 Finally the modern twist of Police S8530, with its metal brow bar highlighting the upper front of the frame, works beautifully against the acetate and blue-mirror lenses.

Get the desired 80's feel next summer with the new be younique range... if spirituality had a colour, it would certainly be blue!