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Mormaii is represented in the Super Surf and in the World Championship Junior, in 2009

Gabriela Leite in the Super Surf and Magno Pacheco in the world championship.

Two victories of the athletes sponsored by Mormaii bring important titles for the team. One of them came from Gabriela Leite, who obtained her place in the Super Surf 2009, at only 16 years old. She's the youngest athlete to get into the first division of the women's surf in Brazil.

Mormaii Super Surf & World Championship
Mormaii Super Surf & World Championship

This young athlete from Santa Catarina has many titles to her name already. The most important one so far was the amateur Brazilian champion Open 2007. After this victory, Gabi became a professional and disputed the Petrobras Tour and some stages of the World Championship Junior.

In 2007, she won the first selecting stage, in Peru, and in 2008, she won again in Chile, with great waves. Even though she got a good result in the first stage she didn't get a place in the World Championship, which will happen on January 1st 2009, in Australia.

The athlete who did get a place in the World Championship and will defend the Mormaii team is Magno Pacheco, from São Paulo. He also did well in 2008. He didn't win any competitions, but was vice-champion of the stage in Torres (RS), in the other two stages he was ninth place.

Today, Magno practices at Mole beach, at the Aragua training Center, in Florianopolis. According to him, he had been trying to get a place to compete in the World Championship for three years. At last, he got it and will be one of the six athletes representing Brazil in the men's category.