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Celebrity Style


elebrity's most important accessory whether rain or shine is a pair of sunglasses. The bigger the better they say! Whether this is to hide from the paparazzi or the glaring sun - they always look stunning.

Designer sunglasses are crucial and with popular creations from top designers such as Tom Ford and Roberto Cavalli there is no reason why celebrities wouldn't want to be seen in a pair!

The power that the celebrities have on the fashion world means it is no wonder that their choice in sunglasses can influence and sway the rest of the world into wanting a pair. With the elegance and beauty, which is found in these collections, it means that even if you are not an A-List celebrity, you can certainly still look like one.

The designs from Tom Ford have become extremely popular with the celebrities and with Ford's history it's no surprise. Up until 2004, Tom Ford worked as the Creative Director for Gucci and it is considered by many that he was responsible for making Gucci the internationally acclaimed luxury brand that it is today.

Celebrity StyleWith the launch of the Tom Ford brand in 2005 his talent has been injected into his collections and the sunglasses range in particular have been favoured by many of the A-List celebrities. Due to the grace and sophistication, which is found in each of the frames, it has led these designs to be desired by all.

The stars of popular television series' 'Friends' and 'Desperate Housewifes' have particularly favoured the Tom Ford Jennifer FT0008 sunglasses. With its subtle design, the sunglass maintains the bold beauty of Tom Ford sunglasses and they particularly suit Jennifer Aniston and Marcia Cross due to its petite and sleek design.

The Jennifer FT0008's smaller size does not make it any less eye catching than the larger frames and it still reflects the sense of 'big' due to the fuller sized lenses. This frame provides the utmost comfort, which fits perfectly for the lifestyle of the celebrity due to the long days they entail. In addition, the Jennifer FT0008 is extremely classy and is suited for an array of occasions.

One of the hottest Italian designers, which is a favourite among the celebrities, is Roberto Cavalli. Known for his designs to be filled with elegance, beauty and sophistication they are a must-have for celebrities.

Celebrity Style

Celebrity Style - Jennifer FT0008 Celebrity Style

Cavalli's sunglasses collection is the epitome of style, which captures the essence of femininity in the graceful curves of his sunglasses as well as releasing a sense of fun in the bold designs. The range of sunglasses on offer from Cavalli suits a wide range of tastes and also for a variety of ages.

The up and coming star, Miley Cyrus, has favoured Roberto Cavalli's Telefo RC374S. This simple, sophisticated frame along with its stylish figure of eight jewel detail on the arm of the sunglass is perfect for this young star.

Also, one of the most photographed celebrities, who is always up to date with the trends of fashion can also be seen in a pair of Cavalli's. Victoria Beckham pictured above can be seen wearing the Teseo RC379S, which is a much bolder frame than the Telefo RC374S and with its delicate snake design on the arms of the sunglasses, it makes this instantly identifiable as the work of the Italian designer.

Known for turning heads due to their wild lifestyles, Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears are sure going to be making the headlines in their Roberto Cavalli's. The Roberto Cavalli Teutra RC382S, worn by Simpson is truly stunning especially due to its beautiful textural design all over the frame. On the Teutra RC382S you can also find the popular embellishment of the designers initials on the join between the frame and the arm of the sunglass, which is always a must for the true Cavalli admirer.

Britney has opted for the Taigete RC369S, which shares similarities with the Teutra RC382S because of its textural design but this time only on the arms of the sunglasses. The Taigete RC369S has a more delicate frame than the bold Teutra RC382S and because of the golden frame, which lightly glides over and around the full-sized lenses, it could be seen to provide a higher degree of sophistication.

Celebrity StyleThe Whitney FT0009 seems to be one of the most popular frames out at the moment and it is truly stunning. With its graceful figure-of-eight curves, which have become something of a signature style for Tom Ford, along with its simple but bold design, means the Whitney FT0009 is just irresistible.

The frame has been so popular that Gwen Stefani, Nicky Hilton and Angelina Jolie have all been seen in the Whitney FT0009. With its exceptional quality of the finish on this acetate sunglass model combined with the flowing, sinuous lines it makes it an exceedingly sensuous and tactile creation.

Another popular frame from Tom Ford is the Raquel FT0076, which can be seen above worn by the very stylish Demi Moore. This frame shares many similarities with the Whitney FT0009, such as the beautifully crafted swallowtail shape, which is set apart from the lens and makes the sunglass distinguishable as a Tom Ford creation. The Raquel FT0076 like many of Ford sunglasses has large lenses, which not only emphasises the bold beauty of the sunglasses, but they also protect the eyes from harmful UV rays.