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Rose's new Adidas Retego sunglasses

Englishman puts his two cents into new frames.

The world number 18, Justin Rose, decided to wear the new Adidas Retego Sunglasses at the World Golf Championships - Bridgestone Invitational 2010.

These slick new Adidas sunglasses bridge the gap between performance and fashion, delivering a confident look and crystal clear vsion.

Changing light conditions and different types of terrain can impair vision - not to mention wind and insects - from the tee to the final putt.

And the 29-year-old knows this, and his years of experience have helped shape the development of the new Adidas Retego.

The innovative Adidas Retego frame design offers maximum comfort as it is both lightweight and flexible. Made from SPX with Flex Zones integrated in the frame for extra flex, a snug and secure fit is guaranteed through the traction grip arms which offer optimum grip.

In case of impact from being dropped or squashed, the Adidas Retego temples simply detach from the frame and can simply be snapped back on again. The Adidas Retego temples were designed to sit flat behind the ears for comfortable fit with a cap - the popular look on the green for many golf professionals.

The specially curved Adidas lens filters are designed for golfers, providing a wide range of vision perfect for playing side on. Unobstructed vision is guaranteed to the sides as well as up and down.

A wide range of Adidas lenses means you can see as clearly as possible in all weather conditions. The Adidas LST active silver deliver high contrast on the green, while the polarised filters effectively eliminate light coming from highly reflective surfaces like water and bunker sand, while improving contrast and colour perception. View more about Adidas lenses.

What's more, the Adidas Quick-Change Lens System allows you to swap lenses when the light conditions change.

All Adidas lenses meet the standards of Class 1 optical quality and guarantee 100% protection form UVA, UVB and UVC.

Adidas Retego Sunglasses - Justin Rose