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England have Ashes Victory

adidas LST lenses improve ball visibility by 28%

It would seem that the hopes of the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) were well founded when they revealed that their players would now have the winning edge due to leading technology from adidas eyewear. In a joint research project, extensive testing proved ball visibility could be increased by 28% using the correct eyewear with adidas LST lenses.

adidas Cricket

England cricketer Ian Bell puts adidas Adivista to the test.

The research and development, which was been led by ECB Science and Medicine in partnership with adidas eyewear, has centred on improving the team's vision in the different lighting conditions they expected to face on and off the pitch this summer. The research showed that adidas Light Stabilising Technology (LST) lenses reduce the amount of blue light (glare) and engineer the light entering the players' eyes so that red is enhanced. 28% higher ball visibility is therefore achieved as background colours are subdued and the ball appears to 'pop' out.

Catching tests conducted with the England Lions squad in Chennai in 2007 and in Vadodara in 2008, revealed an improvement in performance when using these Adidas lenses in a series of catching tests.

Overall the adidas LST Active lens was found to be the best performing for clarity in bright conditions (giving 28% improved visibility), whilst the orange tinted LST Bright lens was more effective at dusk, especially with a white ball. Grey lenses, which had been traditionally worn by most players, were found to be too dark by all players in bright conditions and consistently received low scores in the tests. As a result of this research, adidas eyewear has compiled a CET training programme based on these findings which is available to adidas eyewear customers.

Adidas Adizero

Commenting on the research, Nick Dash, the ECB's consultant Optometrist said: "By changing the percentage of different coloured light that enters the eye it is possible to enhance contrasts that will improve the team's performance. Protective eyewear can prevent eye cancers from over-exposure to sunlight as well as providing protection from impact."

For cricket choose the Adidas Adivista L a164 (larger), Adivista S a165, Evil Eye L a266 (larger), Evil Eye S a267, Evil Eye pro L a126 (larger), Evil Eye pro S a127, T-Sight L a154 (larger), or the T-Sight S a155.

Adidas sunglasses are designed for sports use. They come in a range of sizes, have adjustable arms and nose bridges which improve the fit, ventilation and vision gaps around the lens edge, traction grip to maintain their position even when sweating and quick release arms to prevent them breaking if there is any impact during a game. They also have Light Stabilising Technology (LST) lenses which are versatile to changeable light conditions. The adidas LST Active lens is able to darken light but increase contrast particularly in the red spectrum, hence increasing visual perception of a red ball and white ball.