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Roberto Cavalli Corallo RC441s Sunglasses

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oberto Cavalli, it is said, is often to be found travelling with his camera, capturing images from nature that appeal to, and interest him. During a recent interview at Il Poggio, his 14th-century Tuscan villa; having just plucked a flower trailing from a near by trellis, Roberto Cavalli exclaimed 'what you see in one flower is so fantastic. The detail on this one leaf ...'
(Observer, Sunday July 20 2008)

It is, we believe, this attention to fine detail, combined with his nature derived inspiration, and the strong artistic influence that his upbringing in Florence must have had, that have led to Roberto Cavalli's great success and undisputed status as darling to the rich and famous.

The use of strong colours, bold animal prints and flamboyant embellishments are all key factors in Cavalli's style, and can be seen throughout his fashion collections each season. Filled with elegance, beauty and sophistication, a touch of femininity can be sensed among his designs due to his experiments with patterns and different techniques, which captures the female form at its best. These signature statements that are so much a part of Roberto Cavalli's iconic style, have crossed over into his latest sunglasses collection.

Roberto Cavalli RC441S

Never one to disappoint, Roberto Cavalli's 2009 sunglasses collection, due for imminent arrival at, is packed full of intricately crafted, larger than life designs, which are bold, sexy, glamorous and completely on trend for the coming season. True to form however, Cavalli has transcended mere fashion, and as with his clothing collections, he has captured the very essence of grace, elegance and femininity in his stylish designs.

The Roberto Cavalli Corallo RC441s is no exception and because of its beauty and charm, it is set to be the must-have item for next year. The unique design of this sunglass, which is why the frame stands out from the rest is due to Cavalli's continued use of animal prints which is found on so many of his sunglasses. Cavalli is inspired by nature and he is often looking for a way to capture his findings through motifs, prints and embroidery and the Corallo RC441s is a fine example of this.

Roberto Cavalli
Roberto Cavalli

This striking frame is an attractive option due to the exquisite craftwork. The arms of the sunglasses are instantly identifiable as the work of the Italian designer, due to the delicate snake design, which is wrapped around the circular jewels. The embellishment on one side of the jewels is truly eye-catching and there is the option of rotation in order to show the highly recognisable RC initials.

With the continued popularity of full-sized lenses this trend continues through to next year and is a practical choice due to the excellent coverage from unnecessary light. The shape of the Carallo RC441s provides a high degree of comfort, particularly at the temple tips and therefore it is perfect for everyday wear. The model is available in a combination of colours - all proving to display a sense of sophistication.

The brand new 2009 Roberto Cavalli sunglasses collection; packed full of beautiful, exotic pieces that are sure to become the main stay of your wardrobe for many seasons to come.