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The new Givenchy sunglasses 2010 collection

he Givenchy 2010 Sunglasses collection, in line with the brand's creative concept, is aimed at the woman who demands a strong personality with all of the charm of true femininity, sophistication and subtlety.

The modernity of the Givenchy sunglasses collection is reflected in major expressions in the structure of the glasses and the creation of a new type of square temple with an imposing geometry and enriched with precious details: coloured enamels and leather or rhinestone inserts, which are combined in a highly refined manner on both plastic and metal models. The colours proposed are subtle, warm and refined, with feminine contrasts between gloss and glazed finishes. Gunmetal, gold and black/gold contrasts prevail in the metal models, while for the plastic pieces all of the nuances of tortoiseshell, lighter and darker, feature along with the brand's symbolic black, white/gold contrast and finally elegant blue with pearl and smoky effects.

Givenchy 2009 Sunglasses Collection Givenchy sunglasses 2010

A feminine look with masculine influences dominates this Givenchy sunglasses collection, alternating between extremely snug over-size ovals and rectangular forms with a more powerful look. The classic pilot form is revisited in a key style, thanks to the new square temple in mini version with enamel and rhinestone variations. Light metal structures, circular or milled, are flanked by denser, larger plastic structures. The temples are embellished with metal end-pieces, which are visible on the front piece, giving richness and form to the piece. The masks are androgynous, combining simplicity, softness and determination. The materials are also combined in a refined yet usual manner: metal, acetate, leather - basic or crocodile skin - enamel or rhinestones, the latter always used in a discreet manner, in a matching colour to give light to the piece without creating excessive contrasts. A precious leather insert detail on the metal temple draws its inspiration from the masculine forms with broad retro-style temples.

The Givenchy sunglasses collection also proposes more classic lines in both metal and plastic, toying with 4G in its various forms. The brand's symbolic coat-of-arms is ever present, which also comes in a richer version with a rhinestone-framed medallion.
View the 2010 Givenchy sunglasses collection.

The Givenchy 2010 Collection