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Bolle Montauk finishes 2nd in What Car? driving sunglasses test

What Car magazine tested 10 popular sunglasses to find out what you should be wearing behind the wheel this summer.

What Car? test: driving glasses - 13 June 2008

2nd place: Bolle Montauk 10841

Bolle Montauk 10841Bolle Montauk wins 2nd place in What Car? driving sunglasses test

Performance (4 stars)
The Bolle Montauk wasn't as dark as the sixth-placed Bolle Anaconda and that meant they were better when there was less light. They wrapped around the face nicely, too, which meant light didn't creep round the sides. The rubber nibs on the earpieces kept the Bolle Montauk glued to the face, too.

Buying (4 stars)
The Bolle Montauk is only £15 more than the plastic-framed Bolle Anaconda (which came 6th), so they're good value for money.

Quality (4 stars)
Metal frames gave the Bolle Montauk a classier feel than the cheaper Bolle Anaconda. They didn't feel quite as well made as the Serengeti Dante, though, but were a fair bit cheaper. Optical-quality polycarbonate, rather than glass, lenses keeps the price down.

Special features (4 stars)
The Bolle Montauk lenses filter out all UVA and UVB light, and a 'Carbo Glas' coating applied to both sides of the lenses protects again scratches.