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Want Eye Protection while climbing? Climber recommends Bolle and Cebe

Ultra violet (UV) radiation: a climber's worst enemy. It can cause sunburn, blistering, skin aging and in the long term can even cause skin cancer. But some are unaware of how vital UV protection is for our eyes as well. Surface and internal tissue of the eye can be damaged severely without the right protection. In June 2012, Climber magazine offered a solution for your eye protection needs and recommended some of the best sunglasses on offer. Read on to find out what makes sunglasses right for the job and what glasses Climber magazine thought were best.

Bolle Sunglasses on climber

What to look for when choosing Sunglasses

So how do you choose with so many sunglasses on offer? Here are some technical jargon busters to help explain what features to look for to achieve the best eye protection:

Photochromatic: Lenses that darken or lighten depending on UV intensity, maximum protection when you need it.
Anti-fog: Prevents mist forming on the inside of your glasses for enhanced clarity.
Ventilation: Good ventilation will remove distraction and keep you completely focused on your climbing.
Polycarbonate: Lightweight and impact resistant lenses. You can trust these to do the job as they were initially developed for aerospace applications (such as astronaut visors!)

Top Tips For Choosing Sunglasses for Climbing:

  • Carry a second pair of sunglasses in case you lose or break your main pair. Don't allow any chance for UV eye damage!
  • Look for a UV 400 label
  • A guarantee that the sunglasses offer 100% UV protection
  • Remember the sides of your eyes also need protection, so choose a pair that fit and suit your face and lifestyle.

Climber Magazine recommends....

Cebe Ice 8000

Cebe Ice 8000

This Cebe sunglass features both polycarbonate and photochromatic lenses for maximum stength and UV resistance. A supple, grooved and ventilation nose piece with folding arms and an elastic strap guarantee adjustability and comfort. Lightweight (28g) while also being large for all round eye cover.

View the Cebe Ice 8000.

Bolle Diablo

Bolle Diablo

"Very comfortable" says Climber magazine. This pair of Bolle sunglasses offers maximum performance with B-clear trivex lenses for clear vision. Other features include a light weight frame (28g), adjustable nose piece, air ventilation through the arms and Bolle's thermogrip technology.

View the Bolle Diablo