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The Mormaii Floater 251 sunglasses.

The fantastic Mormaii Floater has been developed specifically with aquatic sports in mind; this innovative sunglass model has been a massive hit internationally, particularly with surfers, kite-surfers, windsurfers, body-boarders, wake-boarders and other radical sports participants.

The Mormaii Floater is a lightweight, closely wrapped design, and features fully removable arms that for sports use can be replaced with a neoprene strip, turning the Mormaii Floater into stylish aquatic sport sunglass. Further, both the frame and the lenses are buoyant, making the product so much better suited to use on and around water than many standard sunglass models. The polarized lenses, which are featured as standard in every frame, reduce the problem of glare that is reflected back from water, whilst the fact that they are made from nylon helps to reduce the problem of visual blurring when wet.

It is the sheer versatility of the Mormaii Floater that has impressed both the pro's and those who just take to the water for a bit of fun. Mormaii has designed an innovative, stylish product that is at home in the water as it is on the street.

The Mormaii Floater is sold as standard with a semi-hard protective case, and a one year manufacturing warranty as standard.

Available Variations:

Floater 251-210-68
Frame: Black-grey
Lens: Polarised Smoke
Price: £164.00
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